Case Study: The Launching of ASUS U53F Bamboo Notebook Series in Romania

case study: event launching asus bamboo notebook in romania

The launching of ASUS U53F Bamboo laptop series gave us the opportunity to combine our passion for technology with our Eco spirit in a productive way. The notebook was unveiled in Romania in the green space of Youth Park from Bucharest.

Client: ASUS Romania

Event Name: Green ASUS –  new ASUS U Bamboo notebook

Date: Earth Day – April 22, 2010

Location: Youth Park, Bucharest

Duration: approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes

Audience:over 75 people (journalists, public figures)

Event Objectives

  • Launch new U Bamboo Series notebook – ASUS U53F
  • Promoting Green ASUS  Initiative
  • Improve brand image of ASUS on the notebook market


ASUS is recognized internationally for its research and inspired use of bio-degradable materials in its products, but the decision to embrace bamboo is an ingenious. Bamboo is flexible and very resistant to breakage, putting in inferiority many metal alloys.

ASUS has launched the first laptop embedded in bamboo in autumn 2008. The company improved the mass production technology, showing that a notebook can be trendy and responsible towards the environment in the same time.

New U Bamboo  laptop  is “green” from the perspective of each stage of the life of the product – from design to production, recycling and disposal market. This laptop reduces the usage of plastics by 20 percent. The bamboo theme continues with its 100 percent recyclable packaging, where the material is used as a substitute for paper. Packaging volume is also reduced by 10 percent when compared to other similar products of similar size.

By choosing an ASUS U Bamboo notebook rather than a less environmentally friendly alternative, the user will contribute to environmental conservation.

Event Description

For launching event we relied on two green coordinates: Youth Park from Bucharest and Earth Day. We have identified an area without trees in the park where we have invited the journalists and VIPs to plant 50 trees of Liriodendron and Liquidambar . The activity of planting has been guided and monitored by the park’s administrative staff.

The area has been customized for the event by placing an inflatable laptop with 3 meters height  – a replica of the new ASUS U53F, and a custom ASUS tent, which housed the command center and a receiving desk. We exposed three U53F laptops in front of tent. Throughout the event, an entertainer had informed audience about the initiative Green ASUS and advantages of the bamboo’s use as raw material in the production of ASUS U53F Bamboo notebook.

The guests have planted the trees and have labeled them with ASUS cards printed with their names. We’ve made photos, which were distributed via email together with the press release. Most of emailed photos were posted on Facebook and blogs.

The second part of our event was held in the Actors Cafe, on the lake and close to newly planted trees. Liviu Marica (blog), PR & Marketing Manager and Mihai Cârstea ASUS Romania, Business Development Manager, ASUS Romania have spoken during the session of presentations. ASUS demos were followed by a Q & A session, individual interviews, video recordings (hands-on) and a lunch in a pleasant atmosphere.

The event was enrolled in the Earth Day program. We’ve promoted the moral duty of every man to plant a tree. We’ve appealed to the press and VIPs to show a positive example. The U Bamboo notebook promotes sustainable development values through selection of raw materials, recycling, the optimization of energy consumption and the way of withdrawal from the market.


The event was announced via national television station TVR 1 (in morning show),  social networks as, electronic newsletters, etc.

Results & Follow-up

Over 75 people (including public figures such as Virgil Ianţu Adrian Despot, Mike Sanda Nicola, Adi Bucur Cioceanu Anca Artimon) attended the laptop’s launching. They planted trees and discovered eco attributes of ASUS U53F. The event had a wide echo in online, print, radio and TV. A lot of photos with people and trees with ASUS labels appeared on social media (Facebook, YM, Twitter, blogs) in the next days. The media coverage report can be found on the website

The news release is available at You can see a selection of photos from the event.

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