To understand the value, it is essential to understand how the image, the products and the activities of the company are designed. Some environmental challenges can and should be anticipated, others may appear out from nowhere, and for this reason we build strong relations for our clients with mass-media, we design and implement media strategies, and we conduct strong media campaigns.

We propose media relations strategies and truly effective methodologies for clients to reach their target audiences with the right message in order to get them properly and positively recognized as trustworthy entities at full potential in their specific industries and markets.

How we proceed:

  • Understanding client’s needs, finding key issues, assigning resources, defining collaboration
  • Identifying target audiences
  • Defining strategy (key messages, goals, actions, planning etc)
  • Selecting communications methods
  • Implementation (Releases, Conferences, Round tables, Interviews, Social Media, Newsletters, Online projects)
  • Monitoring in real-time, evaluating, reporting and looking forward to the next steps

This article is also available in: Romanian

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